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NG Stone Products Limited is brought to you by a Canadian family that has over 90 years
and four generations in the manufactured stone business. Our family has been directly
responsible for most of the manufactured stone developed and used across Canada and
into much of the USA. (Photo Ed Ratcliffe, founder of Angelstone, circa 1956).

The NG Stone Products line is the latest introduction to the manufactured stone market.  It
includes both our split stone (Ledgestone Series line)our pressed stone line (Raphael
Collection).  By offering selections in both categories we are the only company that can
service the complete market. Recently we have also introduced our Riviera Series line. 


By building on our extensive history you can be assured that our product quality is
exceptionally high, providing assurance that the product will meet all applicable standards.
Physical characteristics compare favourably with good quality natural stone. Our process is
a combination of our knowledge of fine aggregates, the formation and chemistry of natural
and manufactured stone, much basic research, and new work in the area of inorganic
polymers. The resulting material has the best texture available in any high-quality
manufactured stone product, that is the critical factor in duplicating the look and feel of
natural stone.

Absorption rates are low, meaning the wall will stay dryer and cleaner, with less likelihood of
discolouration that is common with many manufactured stones when exposed to less than
ideal construction conditions. The absorption and chemical characteristics are such that
when the stone is exposed to “at grade” conditions (never recommended for masonry – but
it does happen), it will hold up better and stay cleaner than the competition.


Compare NG Stone’s look and texture to the best competitive materials. We believe you will
find NG Stone is the most natural; quality is exceptional, and you are assured of the best
experience under the most extreme conditions when using “New Generation” Stone

Retro Ng Stone Pic.jpg

Built on

a long history,

Manufacturing stone has been in our DNA since the 1950's.

(Ed Ratcliffe, founder of Angelstone, circa 1956)

NG Stone is confident in the products it produces. As such, we
support a warranty on our products for the life of the building
(provided the product has been properly installed and in accordance
with applicable building standards and that the building is properly


Please ask your dealer for a copy of the NG Stone Product Warranty.

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